“SFB” Excerpt

Sticky Fingers Brownies is the true tale of a high-volume marijuana brownie business my family owned and operated during the 1970s. This excerpt is from an interview with Shari Mueller, The Rainbow Lady, who unwittingly founded “the biz”.

This oral history originally appeared in Instant City, Issue 6.


The Rainbow Lady of Fisherman’s Wharf

…So I went home and I said to the universe, “Look, I’m working with this concept of getting $10,000 as quickly as possible to go back to Findhorn and I really need some advice here. What do you think? If you want this to happen—if you want me to make marijuana brownies—let all the doors open. And if I’m not supposed to do this, just whup me upside the head and make it real clear.”

Then I just kind of sat back and waited for something to happen. Well, those people didn’t even wait for me to say yes. Next time they saw me, they gave me a substantial amount of marijuana and said, “This is a gift. You can start messing around with it in your kitchen. If you decide you don’t want to do it, just give it back to us.”

So I started working up a recipe and I found one that seemed pretty good. To differentiate between my regular brownies and the magic brownies, I put a single cashew nut on top of the magic brownies and individually wrapped them in cellophane. I kept them in a pouch on my shoulder, rather than in the basket with everything else. So you pretty much needed to know I had them. I wasn’t just pushing magic brownies on unsuspecting people.

Although, there was a funny episode, one afternoon…

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