Best American Essays 2017

20170825_171427I’m over the moon today. My essay “Snakebit,” originally published in The Threepenny Review, has been chosen for The Best American Essays 2017, edited by one of my personal heroes, Leslie Jamison. Another of my essays, “Chasing Arrows,” published in New England Review, also received an honorable mention. Holy guacamole, I’m double-dipping in BAE!

This is proof positive that a relatively new writer can still gain entrance to the walled city without calling in favors to the king. The anthology is due for general release next month and will be available at independent bookstores nationwide.

What an honor, what a thrill.


2 thoughts on “Best American Essays 2017

  1. Alia–I came across your essay “Snakebit” in the book you’re holding up in this picture, and I love it. I’m teaching a course on Creative Non Fiction (starting this Monday, 1/14/19), at the Mission branch of City College, and I plan on reading that essay with the class. I’m assuming that you would approve of such a thing. All I have is raves.
    You and I were in the same group at Squaw years ago.
    I congratulate you on all you’re doing and have done.
    Jackie Davis Martin

    1. Hi Jackie! Of course I remember you from Squaw. I’m honored that you’ve decided to teach my essay. Hit me at if you’d like to arrange a classroom visit. I live here in the City, so it would easy enough to stop by if the students have questions for me. Hope you’re well. ~Alia

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